This machine is the best choice for multi-industry proofing and small batch production, with a variety of tools and pens to meet the various types of cutting materials, can achieve high speed, high intelligence, high precision cutting, punching, drawing Process. The use of Ai Ke powerful data conversion systemt can seamless docking market mainstream design software for customers to successfully achieve the manual production mode to high-speed high-precision advanced production mode of the transition, and fully meet the customer's personalized cutting needs.

Technical Parameters

Model WK2516GS
Effective Cutting Area 1300mmX1100mm
Machine Size 2100mmX1900mm
Customize Ddevice Length 800mm-5000mm
Customize Device Width 800mm-5000mm
Max Cutting Speed 1000mm/s
Cutting Accuracy 0.1mm
Max Cutting Thickness 50mm
Data Format DXF、HPGL
Interface Serial port
Media Adsorption vacuum
Suction Fan Power 7.5kw/9kw/11kw
Voltage and Frequency 220v/50hz 380v/50hz
Operating Environment temperature 0°C-40°C humidity 20%-80%RH

Application Industry

Automotive interior, composite materials, advertising packaging, textile and garment, gaskets, sporting goods, and so on.

Application Industry Application Industry Application Industry



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