Higher Accuracy For Slender Tube

The follow-up support module adopts up and down + left and right directions to support the pipe at the same time, so that the slender pipe is clamped more firmly

Unloading Rack

The inclination angle of the unloading rack is 25°, and the cut materials will automatically fall into the finished product collection box.

Large Bearing Capacity

The chuck has a wide clamping range and a large bearing capacity. Equipped with 240 specification pneumatic square chuck, the maximum bearing capacity is 300KG.

Technical Parameters

Machine model GKS-6024T2
Laser power 1500W 2000W 3000W 4000W 6000W
Pipe processing range Round pipe:Φ20-240mm;Square pipe:□20-240mm
Maximum chunk speed 100r/min
Maximum acceleration 1G
X/Y axis positioning accuracy ±0.05mm/m
X/Y axis repeat positioning accuracy ±0.03mm
Maximum load-bearing capacity of a single pipe About 300KG
Minimum length of tailings 100mm

Industry Applications

Professional tube fiber laser cutting machine—GKS-6024T2 is used for cutting square tube, rectangular tube, oval tube, waist type tube, hexagonal tube; square tube Φ20 * 20- □240 *240mm, Round tube and square tube Φ20-Φ 240mm, H steel#10--#18 U-steel tube #5--#18 L-steel tube #4--#16 thickness of 0.5-10mm carbon steel tube, 0.5-10mm stainless steel tube.

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