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LF60M For the pipe cut

Automatic loading and unloading device

The side-mounted semi-automatic loading and unloading design reduces the center of gravity and vibration,making cutting more stable and loading and unloading more convenient.

Can longest cut a whole 12m pipe

It supports the cutting of the whole pipe up to 12m,and the load capacity of a single pipe is 1200KG.Three-section bed design makes transportation more convenient.

Industry Applications

Industry Applications
GKS6036T3 is a side-mounted three-chuck heavy-duty laser pipe cutting machine. It is equipped with 360 square precision pneumatic 3-chucks, which can realize the zero-tailing cutting process (realized under the condition of reasonable process layout) and the largest single piece The bearing capacity of the pipe is 1200KG.

Tube diameter cutting range: round tube φ30-φ360mm, square tube □30X30-□350X350mm

Technical Parameters

Machine model GKS-6036T3 GKS-9036T3 GKS-12036T3
Laser power 3000W-12000W
Clamping range Round pipe:Φ30-350mm
Square pipe:□30-350mm
Maximum rotating speed 60r/min
Effective cutting length of pipe 6500mm 9500mm 12500mm
Repeated positioning accuracy ±0.03mm
Single pipe loading-bearing 1200KG
Chuck structure 360 Pneumatic Chuck

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