Equipped with precision pneumatic chuck, shortest tailing length is 50mm.

Pipe anti vibration clamping fixture, prevent the pipe from swinging laterally without changing the surface, ensuring cutting accuracy and stability. Solved the problem of poor cutting surface quality caused by pipe vibration caused by long hanging chuck and poor rigidity of the pipe.

Paired with a fully automatic feeding machine, it can achieve fully automatic cyclic processing, saving time, effort, and labor, achieving automation work.

Technical Parameters

Machine model GKS-6008TA
Laser power 1500W
Clamping diameter Round tube 15mm-80mm
Single pipe load-bearing 80KG
Y-axis single feeding length 0-700mm
Maximum chunk speed 150r/min
Maximum loading length 6500mm
Minimum tail material 50mm

Industry Applications

GKS-6008TA is one single chuck laser pipe cutting machine,Equipped with precision pneumatic chuck of 80 specifications,The maximum single pipe load-bearing capacity is 80KG. This pipe cutting machine is suitable for cutting circular, square, rectangular, and elliptical pipes. This product can be used only for cutting pipe processing, and can also cut any shape on the surface of the pipe

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