Equipment Operation

Laser cladding processing is carried out using a robotic arm equipped with optical fibers and cladding heads. The robotic arm is installed on a moving slide and controls the forward and backward movements of the moving slide, driving the robotic arm to move forward and backward, achieving workpiece cladding processing; The workpiece is fixed on the workbench through the front chuck and the rear center tailstock. The rotation of the front chuck drives the workpiece to rotate, and the tailstock moves forward and backward through lifting.

Advantages compared with surfacing, spraying, and electroplating

  • ① Low dilution
  • ② Good adhesion between coating and substrate
  • ③ Suitable for cladding with multiple materials
  • ④ Large changes in particle size and content

Industry Applications

The wide application of laser cladding technology can effectively solve the phenomenon of failure and scrap equipment and parts, and can also extend the life span of new products, and achieve the effect of multi-life cycle.

Technical Parameters

Machine Model GKS-LC3008R
Laser power 4000W-12000W
Motion mechanism 6 axis industrial robot
Maximum turning radius 1831nm
Workpiece machining shaft diameter φ≤800mm
Equipment maximum load ≤3000kg
Work piece length ≤3000mm/td>
Device positioning accuracy ±0.05mm/m
Repeat positioning accuracye ±0.03mm/m
Achievable layer thickness According to customer process requirements
Deposition efficiency According to customer process requirements
According to customer process requirements
Number of control axes 6 axis
Wrist load 25kg
Working radius 1831mm
Repeat positioning accuracy ±0.02mm
Wrist range of motion 0-180°
Main technical parameters of wide belt cladding head
Power 6KW
Numerical aperture NA ≤0.25
Applicable wavelength 900-1100nm
Collimator 100, 120, 300mm (optional)
Focal length 250, 300, 400mm (optional)
Fiber interface QBH, LLK, QD
Powder feeding nozzle Circular powder feeding
Powder convergence spot 2mm (can be customized according to specific needs)

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